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Fiber Farm - Device to Eliminate Dead Zone
No matter how advanced technology is developed for OTDR, Dead-Zone always exists. Due to the dead zone, OTDR cannot distinguish signal changes and subsequently cannot actually measure the loss caused by fibers, splicers, connectors or any segment located within the zone. OTDRs try to shoot optical pulse as small as possible. This effort can only make the dead zone smaller, but cannot eliminate it.
How can OTDR "see" the segments in the dead zone? FibreOptica's Fiber-Farm device can help an OTDR user overcome the issue. The device has a built-in fiber inside. The fiber length is longer than the dead zone that makes itself in the dead zone but brings segments to be tested out of the zone. It is designed that an OTDR operator simply places it in front of the fiber to be tested. It can also be used in laboratory or field trouble shooting or installation. The device allows fiber length up to 2km and both single mode and multimode are available. Customer can also choose bulkhead type and fiber-lead type.
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