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FRF-3000TH | Download
RF Power Meter - THROUGH MODE can measure signal level up to 200W
FRF-3000 is radio-frequency power meters specially designed for measuring complex waveforms of worldwide mobile digital signals such as GSM, CDMA, TDMA, PHS and so on. Its up-to-3GHz frequency range makes it suitable for wide applications using high radio frequencies in wireless communication systems such as 3G. RFR-3000 series are lightweight and rugged small handheld tester; the TFT LCD color display ensures clear visibility in direct sunlight and dark location; a list of commonly used frequencies is stored in the memory ¨C a user can simply choose from the list ¨C so convenient; the simple and easy-to-operate menu is ready for the first-time user ¨C no need for training. In the through mode, FRF-3000TH can measure signals up to 200W. With above features and very attractive price, the FRF series truly redefine superior value for today's RF power measurement. Despite its small package, the FRF-3000TH provides outstanding accuracy on the bench, replacing much larger and more expensive instrumentation.
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