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FFS-6100 offers low-cost, fast, light weight and ease-to-use industrial solution with high quality splice in all conditions including high workplace altitude. FFS-6100 adopts high-speed image processing technology and special precision-positioning technology and automatically finishes the whole process of fiber fusion in as short as 8 seconds typically. It is widely used for SM and MM optical fiber with diameter 80-150ìm, coating layer diameter 0.1-1.0mm and bare fiber length 16mm more or less. FFS-6100 is an ideal tools for construction and maintenance of fiber and cable in field applications and also suitable for laboratory uses.

Key Features

- High-resolution true color 5.7 inch LCD display - core of the fiber is clearly visible
- The advanced core to core fiber profile alignment system (PAS)
- Real time calibrating system – no need to adjust parameters.
- X/Y axes are displayed and the magnification can go up to 304 times
- Short splicing and shrinking time - 8 seconds splicing time and 30 seconds Heat-Shrinking
- The new wind-cover design enhances the ability to prevent the dust & wind and the max. wind velocity to 15m/s
- Long Electrode Lifetime - up to 4000 times
- Three Splicing modes: auto, half-auto and manual
- Built-in super high-brightness LED light - convenience for working at dark place
- Built-in high capacity battery - support 220 times splicing and heating, to meet one days’ work
- Real-time display the battery capacity and status
- Auto calculation of splicing loss
- Support USB data interface & VGA
- One button operation to upload results to PC or software update
- Close shield splice and close heater lid heat automatically
- Support multi languages.

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